The Plaza Capital Group is an Indonesia-based investment platform company dedicated to producing high-impact companies in Indonesia and creating value for society through businesses. Since its inception in 1993, Plaza Capital Group has established successful companies in three sectors: Automotive, Energy & Infrastructure, and Property.

Since then, the Plaza Capital Group has contributed significantly to developing human capital in Indonesia and the Indonesian economy. A team of dedicated professionals supports the Plaza Capital Group. The team brings together significant international experience, deep local market insight, and sensitivity to local conventions and conditions. Private family offices currently fund the Plaza Capital Group.


With the world’s fourth-largest population, attractive demographics, abundant natural resources, and stable democracy, we believe that Indonesia will continue to provide excellent investment opportunities going forward. The Plaza Capital Group has an objective to create value in the Indonesian society through businesses as part of our mission to be an asset of the nation and be part of the communities where we do business. We are prepared to work closely with management teams and play an active role in assisting our group companies in reaching their full potential. Although we will generally pursue investments in the Automotive, Energy & Infrastructure, and Property sectors, we will opportunistically pursue investments in other sectors.

While we always drive our portfolio companies to be the best in the field, we often aim for overarching growth by helping our portfolio companies with acquisitions, new product developments, expanded business strategies, and accessing new sources of capital.


The Plaza Capital Group has significant industry experience in the Automotive, Energy & Infrastructure, and Property Sectors industries. We believe that these sectors will continue to benefit from Indonesia's substantial demographic and economic shifts, including significant increases in productivity and consumption. We believe that building great teams makes excellent companies. We work very closely with our management teams at our portfolio companies.

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Plaza Toyota is a leading authorized Toyota dealership group operating in Jakarta, Tangerang, and West Java.

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Plaza MINI is a leading authorized MINI dealership group operating in Jakarta, Tangerang, West Java, and East Java. PT.Plaza Auto Raya

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Plaza Subaru is the sole importer and dealership group of Subaru in Indonesia.

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Kreasi Group
Kreasi is a manufacturer and service provider of consumer goods catered towards the automotive industry. It produces products under the brand: Otogard, Aurora ProLab, Aurora Coating, and Gold Line. Besides its brand, Kreasi also makes for leading OEM brands in Indonesia. In addition, Kreasi has recently expanded into fast-moving consumer goods under the brand: Aurora Pure.

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INGING is a leading technology provider for automotive companies, Distributors and Dealers, to sell online.

Energy & Infrastructure
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Established in 2006, Pro Energi is a leading commercial fuel provider that operates in Nationwide Indonesia.

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Pro Trans, our Energy and Infrastructure Investment Company, acquired Puma Energy Indonesia, a subsidiary of Puma Energy International affiliated with Trafigura, in 2019. After the acquisition, we changed the name to Pro Tank Terminal. It now owns and operates a world-class state-of-the-art fuel terminal with a 13,000KL storage capacity in Samarinda, East Kalimantan.

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Pro Trans, our Energy and Infrastructure Investment Company, acquired Tri Daya Selaras, a fuel transportation company, in 2013. It now owns and operates a fleet of Fuel Lorries nationwide in Indonesia.

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Asana Residence Cibubur is the newest residential area presented by ATERALAND Group. Built on an area of 13 hectares, Asana Residence Cibubur offers the concept of city life in harmony with nature.

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Permata Cimanggis is a comfortable and healthy residence in the Cimanggis area. Developed in an area of 72 hectares and has 17 clusters, Permata Cimanggis is a large and growing residence.

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Cibubur Residence has 6 clusters namely Rosewood, Brasswood, Eaglewood, Maplewood, Pinewood and Cottonwood. Developed in an area of 15 Hectares during the period 2008 to 2016, which provides approximately 600 housing units with a modern minimalist architectural design.

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Developed in an area of 20 hectares during the period 1995 to 2011, Taman Laguna provides 600 housing units of various sizes, ranging from type 51 to type 155 and also 20 units of shop houses and commercial lots covering an area of approximately 1 ha.

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Garden Residence's core value is to put our residents priorities to enjoy life and enticing their well-being. We provide only high-quality homes and facilities. Precisely positioned in the front row of Emerald Golf Club and side by side with the astounding hole 8, Garden Residence is a step away from the Emerald Golf Club House.


Starting from the 1990’s we built our business from the property sector, and Taman Laguna was the 1st project built. As the property sector grows, our property business, Ateraland Group, has succeeded in creating some renowned residential projects, such as Cibubur Residences, Permata Cimanggis, and Garden Residence Emeralda Golf, Asana Residence, and other residential projects.

In 2002, we expanded our business portfolio into the automotive sector by establishing Plaza Toyota as an authorized Toyota dealer. Currently, Plaza Toyota has eight branches spread across Jakarta, Tangerang, and West Java. PT Kreasi, a manufacturer and distributor of Car Care and Services, was established in 2005. It now caters to more than 400 dealerships nationwide in Indonesia. IN-GING Technology was established in 2012 to meet the Digital demand of the automotive industry in Indonesia. It now provides a platform for distributors and dealers in Indonesia to manage their online presence. In 2018, we opened our first MINI authorized dealership in Tangerang. Plaza MINI later became a leading MINI dealer with five outlets covering Tangerang, Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. Having established our reputation as a Capable and Caring automotive group, we received the right from Subaru Corporation Japan to become the sole importer and distributor of Subaru for Indonesia in 2020.

Realizing the ever-increasing energy demand in Indonesia, we entered the energy and infrastructure sector in 2006 by establishing Pro Energi. This leading commercial fuel provider now caters to more than 1,000 businesses in Indonesia. Next, we founded Pro Trans to become our investment platform in Energy and Infrastructure. Pro Trans then acquired Tri Daya Selaras, a fuel transportation company, in 2014. It then received investment from JXTG, a leading Japanese energy company, in 2012. In 2019, Pro Trans acquired Puma Energy Indonesia, a subsidiary of Trafigura International, and changed the company name to Pro Tank Terminal. Pro Tank is now a fuel storage company with a world-class facility. Pro Trans' partnership with JXTG ended in December 2020 when Pro Trans acquired the JXTG's 49% shares in Pro Energi and Tri Daya Selaras.



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